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Echo Bravo (aka Eyal Barak) is first and foremost an animation Freelancer, and as one, I constantly aim towards improvement and produce tailor-made animations for a variety of uses and medias, such as Company profiles, 3D animated product reviews, Video/VR content for Exhibitions and more.


The goal of this service is to bring your product to life in a very unique way, the process of rendering a still image involves meticulous attention to details for a total control of every element of an image, far beyond the limitations of a traditional studio and expensive photography hardware.


In todays world, everyone is holding a smartphone or tablet, now its easy to move your product to the next platform, augmented reality (AR), interactive web content, and 3D interaction for technical purposes and demonstrations.

Echo Bravo Animation (aka Eyal Barak)
"A picture may be worth a thousand words, an animation is worth a thousand pictures."

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